Our Team

We do not just provide sound legal advice. Our commitment to serve each and every client of ours respectfully, discreetly, professionally and has helped us win the loyalty of comprehensive clients of all starting from individuals on our smallest accounts to ultra high-networth individuals to companies, government agencies and other entities. At our firm, we aim to provide you with the best legal solution for your matter. Our law firm consists of remarkable team of expert attorneys in just about every field of law you can name, and it is because of this nature of the legal services we provide, our firm has been able to stay ahead of its league.


Team Leaders

Dawn A. Williams

Principal, Founder
E: daw@meridianlawbb.com  |  T: + (246) 431-6677  |  F: + (246) 435-0607


Johnathan A. Stevens

E: johnathan@meridianlawbb.com  |  T: + (246) 431-6677   |  F: + (246) 435-0607


Christine L. Barnwell

E: chrisbarn@meridianlawbb.com  |  T: + (246) 431-6677   |  F: + (246) 435-0607


Danielle L. Maycock

E: dlmaycock@meridianlawbb.com  |  T: + (246) 431-6677  |  F: + (246) 435-0607